Ocean Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet

Ocean Jasper is only found in one place, the remote northwestern corner of Madagascar, an island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa. Ocean Jasper is used as a healing stone, said to relieve stress and bring feelings of joy. 

This hand forged bracelet is a beauty with this unique Ocean Jasper stone and a hand forged chain it will be one of your favorite pieces.  7 in in length 

Meet the Artist:

 GG Silver: I have enjoyed Glenda's work for the past six years, and she never disappoints. Educated at Boca Raton Museum Art School and with 15 years of master experience she only produces one of a kind pieces that are designed out of sheets of silver and silver wire. Every precious stone is handpicked for each design.  She is a true artist and we feel privileged that she has designed us a small collection to bring to you.